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    [WIKI]Dungeon Drop List


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    [WIKI]Dungeon Drop List

    Post by Miwako on Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:50 am

    This is the 1st Part of our Rezek's Kingdom Wiki guideline DUNGEON ITEM DROPS!

    Undead Lair:
    Doomed Ring
    Doom Bow
    Bow of Morning Star
    Doom Silk Armor
    Doom Trap

    Abyss of Demon:
    Sword of Illumination
    Demon Blade

    Pacman World:

    Miwako Dungeon:
    Ring of Healing
    Heavy Armor of Unholy Knight

    Kithio Dungeon:

    Bracer of the Guardian
    The Twilight Gemstone
    The Forgotten Crown

    Sprite World:
    Sprite Wand
    Staff of Extreme Prejudice
    Cloak of the Planewalker
    Buckler of Dust Clouds

    Draconis Lair:
    Annoying Firecracker Katana
    Fire Dragon Battle Armor
    Water Dragon Silk Robe
    Leaf Dragon Hide Armor
    Midnight Star

    Belladona's Garden:
    Bashing Bride Skin
    Eligible Bachelor Skin
    Diamond Bladed Katana
    Staff of Adoration
    Heartfind Dagger
    Cupid’s Bow
    Wand of Budding Romance

    Haunted Cementery:
    Cursed Amulet of Zombification
    Plague Poison
    Resurrected Warrior’s Armor
    Sky Prism

    Tomb of the Ancients:
    Ring of the Pyramid
    Tome of Holy Protection
    Ring of the Sphinx
    Book of Geb
    Ring of the Nile
    Shendyt of Geb

    Ocean Trench:
    Coral Bow
    Coral Venom Trap
    Coral Silk Armor
    Coral Ring

    Mad Lab:
    Experimental Ring
    Scepter of Fulmination
    Robe of the Mad Scientist
    Conducting Wand

    Bone Dagger
    Tome of Purification
    St. Abraham’s Wand
    Chasuble of Holy Light
    Ring of Divine Faith

    Davy's Locker:
    Spectral Cloth Armor
    Captain’s Ring
    Ghostly Prism
    Spirit Dagger
    Dirk of Sound Circles
    Thunderous Scitmar
    Deadly Fiery Cutlass

    Deadwater Docks:
    Pirate King’s Cutlass

    Snake Pit:
    Wand of the Bulwark
    Snake Skin Shield
    Snake Skin Armor
    Snake Eye Ring

    Lair of Shatain:
    Skull of Endless Torment

    Prism Of Dancing Swords
    Harlequin Armor
    Jester Skin
    Puppet Master Skin

    Battle Nexus:
    Sunshine Shiv
    Arbiters Wrath
    Doctor Swordsworth
    Spicy Wand of Spice

    Ice Cave:
    Staff of Esben
    Skullish Remains of Esben

    Woodland Labyrinth:
    Leaf Bow

    Crawling Depths:
    Doku No Ken

    Elder Skull:

    Elder Cube:
    Sword of Split Reality


    Candy Land:
    Candy Ring
    Seal of the Enchanted Forest
    Fairy Plate
    Pixie-Enchanted Sword
    Ring of Pure Wishes

    Oryx Castle:
    Ancient Stone Sword

    Oryx Chicken:
    Chicken Leg of Doom
    Anatis Staff

    As soon as the Server is back online i will add more and make it update!

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    Re: [WIKI]Dungeon Drop List

    Post by Shlub on Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:31 pm

    You missed out over 100 custom items o.o

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    Re: [WIKI]Dungeon Drop List

    Post by Miwako on Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:32 pm

    Shlub wrote:You missed out over 100 custom items o.o

    I know i add those when i know where they are dropable. So i have to do like ALL of those dungeons like ~100 times for all of them q.q

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    Re: [WIKI]Dungeon Drop List

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